Address: 8516 Katella Ave., Anaheim, CA. 92804
Address: 8516 Katella Ave., Anaheim, CA. 92804

Anaheim Braces & Orthodontics
(Dentistry that promotes perfection)

As a growing Anaheim orthodontics clinic, we have the mastery of 10 years in this profession. We offer our well-known assistance to the patients to acknowledge how they can overcome their dental damages. Treating from initial to higher issues, we know how to coordinate nicely.

Anaheim Braces & Orthodontics deliver dental services which make your personality charming.
The settlement and alignment of teeth is a critical affair which can only be dealt with by trustworthy orthodontics.

Our team of experts knows how to be gentle during the treatment and facilitates our clients with unconditional support and care. We know how to prioritize your satisfaction and can give a guarantee to provide high-class treatment. You will be surprised to see the before and after results.

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Metal Braces by Anaheim Dental & Orthodontics

metal braces

In dental orthodontic treatment, metal braces have specific importance due to their convenient availability globally. Its usage is usually common and the results are good.
On behalf of our years of expertise, we are providing the services of metal braces to facilitate people with our modern class techniques of treatments.
The process to fit these braces is simple, experts just applied them to teeth and linked them with a thin wire. The wire is joined to the braces with the help of elastic ties, which we can opt from the bundle of colors.

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Ceramic Brackets with Traditional Braces in Anaheim California

Ceramic braces are the kind of braces that are transparent in color. They resulted in the same progress as metal braces.
We dedicatedly present the ceramic braces and helps you recover from the non-aligned teeth issues. Our primary duty is to maintain oral health properly.
It is a cost-effective way to balance your teeth. Ceramic braces are a great alternative to metal braces but these braces are a little bigger than metal braces. It is lighter in weight as compared to metal braces.

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Traditional braces with ceramic brackets

We as Anaheim Orthodontist Provide Invisalign and Clear Aligners

Traditional braces with ceramic brackets

We put forward the amazing standard of clear aligners which sets your teeth in an equal manner accurately. It is the latest solution for straightening the teeth because these braces are removable, that’s why it is preferred by a big number of patients.
Invisalign is ideal for patients who had been introduced to braces when they were young and just required a quick alignment to fix their dental issues.

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Fun Facts

Everyone has a favorite movie star. Have you noticed that its the smile of the actors and actresses that makes all of us remember them. A beautiful smile is what all of us would like to have.

Here are the benefits of smiling and having straight teeth:

  • reduced stress
  • create more positive emotions, and not to mention, charms everyone around you.
  • are paid better at work
  • get better opportunities in life
  • increase your self confidence
  • get less cavities (less chances of food getting trapped
  • less chances of damaging your teeth (grinding and cracking)

Here are harms of crooked teeth:

  • can cause jaw pain and headaches
  • flipper or denture not fitting correctly
  • filings, crowns cracking
  • dental implant failure
  • difficult chewing or biting

Here is a list of before-and-after comparison shots of incredible transformations achieved by wearing orthodontic braces and, in some cases, even dental surgeries. Around the country, Anaheim Braces & Orthodontics have done an amazing job on transforming smiles.

Watch our slide show to see before and after pictures of actors and actresses who benefitedfrom orthodontic treatment.

Free Teeth Whitening By Best Orthodontist

Whitening is mandatory to keep your teeth looking wonderful. It is a dental procedure that improves the condition of your teeth.

Free Teeth Cleaning Dentist

Upon giving our services’ reference to your friend, and after braces are done by us. You both get our teeth cleaning service for free.

Free Dental Braces Consultation

We provide the convenience of free consultation to suggest solutions to our patients regarding their disturbing oral health.

Free Teeth Whitening Home Kit

If you want to receive our free whitening kit, don’t miss out on our single dentist and orthodontic appointment.